Order & We’ll Deliver

We deliver the empty crates to your location by the next business day. Delivering empty crates is always free.

Is there a storage minimum?

There are no long term commitments, or minimums.

When will I be charged?

Your monthly storage cost for each crate starts when the empty crate is delivered, and ends when you give us back an empty crate. We will send an invoice at the beginning of each month for the previous monthly charges.

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Pack Them

You pack the crates—just make sure any size crate you pack does not exceed 50 pounds. We’ll also provide you with the tools you need to keep track of what’s inside.

What can I store?

We will store anything for you business, except: things that are illegal, alive, liquid, perishable, highly fragile, highly valued, explosive, or harmful to the environment.

Will CoroStuff pack my stuff too?

Absolutely, the cost is $45 per hour. If you want us to prepare an inventory of what is in each crate, we can do that too.

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Track Inventory

Every crate is barcoded to track its location from pick up, to storage, to delivery. You can use this barcode to identify your crate. Or, give each crate a nickname for faster recall.

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Pick Up

Pick ups are free too. Just request a pick up and we’ll roll your stuff out of your space, leaving you free to work. If they are empty, we will cancel your monthly fee for that crate.

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Secure Storage

We’ll store your crates in our state of the art, secure warehouse. As an added measure of security, we secure each packed crate with a numbered seal that only you can break.

How secure is secure?

We take storing your stuff seriously—with video, environmental and alarm security. Your stuff is protected from everything from spiders to intruders to floods to earthquakes.

Can I use my own crates or boxes?

Nope … we trust you, we just don’t trust the person that would use boxes or crates that fall apart and ruin it for everyone else (you don’t want someone else’s costume face glitter spilling into your boxes, right?). Our specially-designed crates are much more sturdy, durable and sealable than reused cardboard boxes.

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Quick Delivery

Just tell us which crates you need, along with when and where you want it delivered. Choose two-hour, four-hour, or next-day delivery. We will follow up with a confirmation and take it from there.

How much does delivery cost?
Timing Empty Deliver 1 Crate Each Added Crate
Next Day (Std.) Free $12 $2.00/crate
Same Day: 2hr Rush Free $30 $3.00/crate
Same Day 4hr Rush Free $20 $3.00/crate

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